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Let’s face it. Running a surface care business is not for the faint of heart. The experience can be rewarding and very lucrative but there are so many factors to consider… all the time! You’ve got to keep jobs coming in and keep an eye on your bottom line, while juggling unexpected problems and overcoming challenges. To remain competitive, you will need to continually increase your skills and knowledge and stay aware of what’s happening in the industry. You’ve got to drive your brand and professional image. Your brand must be strong and your reputation must remain stellar. 

No matter how demanding your business needs are, if your priorities and processes are properly streamlined and supported, your business can thrive. Surface Care PROS provides such support with real world benefits that make a dramatic difference, from establishing a commanding web presence to growing your customer base and referral network to providing training and technical support—and more—so you can confidently provide the most efficient and effective services. That’s where the great value of being a PRO Partner comes in.

Pricing and other FAQs

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer.

You’ll find that our fees are surprisingly low, especially when you consider how much you get. Partners stay with us year after year with no term contract because it is so affordable and the ROI is strong. Refer to the Partner Benefits Brochure for the current Partner fees and rates or give us a call.

Refer to the Partner Benefits Brochure. There is a handy Quick Reference checklist at the very beginning and the details follow in the subsequent pages.

No. We believe if your are benefiting from being a PRO Partner, we don’t need to hold you hostage to any term contract. 

Yes. It’s actually a very valued benefit of being a Partner. We want all of our Partners to have strong presence in their local markets. In order to achieve this, we must limit how many Partners we can take in any market area. 

Some people liken the support to that of a franchise, but we are not. All Partners have their own autonomy. We do have standards that all Partners must pledge to honor though.



Strategically crafted to support you and drive your success.

Super-charged Web Presence

A stunning website and web presence that is “not just on the web, but all over the web.”

Training and Support

One of the most valued benefits of being a Partner is the ability to tap into a wealth of knowledge.

Marketing Solutions

Our team of highly skilled people work hard on your behalf to give you that competitive edge.

Proprietary Resources

A rich collection of valuable, “Wow!” resources available exclusively to PRO Partners.

Buying Power Savings

We’ve negotiated discounts on behalf of Partners for equipment, supplies, training, and services.


Atlantic Stone & Tile Care
Joe Sykes
Atlantic Stone and Tile Care

Our team just completed our annual review of many business relationships, and no surprise Surface Care PROS took first place again this year. During our six yr. partnership, we have used many of your services, but we have trouble deciding which ones had been most valuable. I think the ability to interact with so many of the partners regarding technical expertise has saved us many dollars and time. Others put greater value on the webpage which you have designed for us. Of course, David, our lead technician, often talks about the hands-on schooling and the help he has received from the school during the last 6 years. Thank you and your team for the support you have given us. By the way, 2022 was our best yr. Best wishes for 2023 -- Atlantic Stone and Tile Care.

emsc icon
Riadh Sookoor
EM Surface Care

Surface Care PROS has gone above and beyond to custom design, launch and manage an amazing website and web presence for my company that exceeded all my expectations. They truly understand my business and have designed a program to position us for success.

FabraCleen Iogo
Brian Kornet

If you are in the stone and tile business and are wondering if being a Partner is something you should do, run—don’t walk—to sign up before someone else grabs your spot.

Scott Odom
1st Floor Surface Care

Excellent experience and reasonable on pricing. Probably the first time I ever didn’t have to request revisions. And only took a few days. Completely satisfied.

Gold Standard Floor Care
Blain Haeg
Gold Standard Floor Care

The discussion group is a tremendous Partner benefit. Having the ability to ask advice, share ideas, provide input, and inquire with others who have unique and additional experience in the industry provides a tool that is invaluable.

Restoration Stoneworks
Roger Konarski
Restoration Stoneworks

I get a lot of business as a result of being a Partner. The support is incredible!

Set in Stone Logo
David Aardema
Set in Stone Restoration

Excellent being affiliated with you guys!!!

Bio Tile and Grout
Adam Bartos
BiO Tile & Grout Restoration, LLC

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the work you and your crew have done for me and my company. Signing to be a partner, I would never, ever expect such a good service and astonishing results for as little money as the membership is.

LaCasse Stone and Tile, Palm Beach, FL
Steven LaCasse
LaCasse Stone and Tile

You exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with you and your staff. Thank you very much. I am very pleased... Thank you. Damn, I’m happy.

Classic Marble Restoration
Carl Staples
Classic Marble & Stone Restoration

If anyone is interested in being a Partner, have them talk to me. I'll be happy to tell them how much it has helped us.