Special Solutions

Reach your market with the special solutions you offer.


You deliver expert surface care solutions. Reach your market with a compelling marketing piece plus be positioned on the web where people are looking for the solutions you offer.

Branded and customized for you, this powerful marketing piece will help you inform prospects and sell the unique solutions you offer as a Certified MicroGuard Installer.  

Put it front and center on your website, email it to prospects, and put it on your social media profiles.

PLUS… we’ll list you and promote you on surphaces.com where people look for vetted surface care experts.


The Digital Brochure
Customized and branded for you. (Print version is optional.)

Listing profile page on Surface Care PROS.com
Come up on search results pages and get found on surphaces.com when people are looking for the solutions you provide.

Graphic of the Brochure Cover
Grab prospects’ attention. We’ll provide you with a quality graphic to use on your print or website (similar to what is shown above) that people can click on to open your brochure.

We can add the brochure to your home page and build an SEO optimized page on your website. We can also help with Google Ads, and more. Let’s discuss how we can help you promote the valuable special solutions you offer.


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