Surface Care PROS has gone above and beyond to custom design, launch and manage an amazing website and web presence for my company that exceeded all my expectations. They truly understand my business and have designed a program to position us for success.

--By Riadh Sookoor, Company Name : EM Surface Care, Florida
I’m happy

If anyone is interested in being a Partner, have them talk to me. I’ll be happy to tell them how much it has helped us.

--By Carl Staples, Company Name : Classic Marble & Stone Restoration, Philadelphia, PA
You exceeded my expectations

You exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with you and your staff. Thank you very much. I am very pleased… Thank you. Damn, I’m happy.

--By Steven LaCasse, Company Name : LaCasse Stone and Tile, Palm Beach, FL
Good Service

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the work you and your crew have done for me and my company. Signing to be a partner, I would never, ever expect such a good service and astonishing results for as little money as the membership is.

--By Adam Bartos, Company Name : BiO Tile & Grout Restoration, LLC, Lake Zurich, IL

Excellent being affiliated with you guys!!!

--By David Aardema, Company Name : Set in Stone Restoration, San Diego CA
The support is incredible!

I get a lot of business as a result of being a Partner. The support is incredible!

--By Roger Konarski, Company Name : Restoration Stoneworks, Chicago IL
The discussion group is a tremendous Partner benefit

The discussion group is a tremendous Partner benefit. Having the ability to ask advice, share ideas, provide input, and inquire with others who have unique and additional experience in the industry provides a tool that is invaluable.

--By Blain Haeg, Company Name : Gold Standard Floor Care, Austin, TX
Excellent experience and reasonable on pricing

Excellent experience and reasonable on pricing. Probably the first time I ever didn’t have to request revisions. And only took a few days. Completely satisfied.

--By Scott Odom, Company Name : 1st Floor Surface Care, Hilton Head, SC
being a Partner is something you should do

If you are in the stone and tile business and are wondering if being a Partner is something you should do, run—don’t walk—to sign up before someone else grabs your spot.

--By Brian Kornet, Company Name : Fabra-Cleen, New York